Controlled temperatures ovens, for Research and Industry.
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10 good reasons to choose Memmert

As a leader in technology, for more than 70 years Memmert has remained true to itself.
The success story of Memmert began in 1947. Since its establishment, the company‘s most important objective in the development of temperature control appliances has been: controlled atmosphere.
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Food applications

100% AtmoSAFE. Trust is created by quality assurance. This applies to your products as well as to our temperature control appliances. For this reason, you can rely on the fact that, within the entire interior of a Memmert incubator, your microbiological cultures are incubated gently and without any temperature overshoots.

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HPP Climate Chamber

Simply unbeatable in energy efficiency and perfectly suitable for stability tests, storage in air-controlled environments and air conditioning, thanks to their extremely long life without need for maintenance.
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Development of polymer membranes

An increasing environmental awareness provides environmental technology with ever more growth opportunities through the development and deployment of innovative technologies. Just one of any examples is the polymer membrane, used to separate materials and for microfiltration.
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Incubator and hot air steriliser, in the beer laboratory

To verify the microbiological safety of the beer, an incubator and a hot-air steriliser from Memmert are almost permanently in use in the beer laboratory of the Schönram brewery, awarded the “World Beer Cup” several times.
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Constant temperature climate chamber

“The ambient temperature has a crucial influence on the energy requirements for temperature regulation,” explains Professor Dr. Klingenspor, head of the Institute for Molecular Nutritional Medicine.
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Preparation of samples of marine sediments, in the cooled incubator

The marine scientists on board use the journey home, which takes several days, to dry out their samples of marine sediments in the ICP incubator in the so called wet laboratory.
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Quality control of soya drinks and desserts

Nowadays, more and more people choose to incorporate plant-based foods such as soya drinks, soya desserts and yoghurt alternatives into their diet. All Alpro branded food and drinks are subject to strict quality and microbiological tests.
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Storage tests of decorative cosmetics

Faber-Castell Cosmetics is one of the leading private label manufacturers of high-quality cosmetic pencils for face, eyes, lips and nails. For reliable quality assessments of new trends, the company relies on a Memmert ICP cooled incubator for storage tests.
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Tempern of optical lenses in the drying oven

The future of cameras, sensors, measuring equipment and other opto-electronic systems belongs to plastic optical lenses. After injection moulding, tempering is done in a Memmert cleanroom drying oven UFP 800 to increase form stability.
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Testing concrete parts for frost resistance in a temperature test chamber

In order to be eventually categorised as frost-resistant, concrete components have to undergo hours-long warm and cold baths alternating between -20°C and +20°C 56 times.
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HPP750eco, climate chamber

The Advanced Peltier Technology allows you to save 85% more energy than conventional products.
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