The centrifuge is used for the determination of traces and sediments in water in crude oils, lubricants or fuels, according to standard methods such as ASTM D91, D96, D1796, D2273, D4007

Oil test centrifuge

Oil test centrifuge

SETA OIL TEST CENTRIFUGE is a microprocessor-controlled heated centrifuge, completely programmable, allowing an automatic configuration of the parameters to be used according to the test specifications.

Four seats oscillating outside the rotor and universal rings. The rotor has been designed to reduce any errors in the measurement of the tube content, placing the tubes at the end in a perfectly vertical position.

The speed, temperature and the timer are microprocessor-controlled and the parameters can be easily operated on the control panel and on the digital display.

The operating time can be adjusted from 10 seconds up to 100 hours with steps of 10 seconds up to 1 minute, or it can be set for continuous operation.

A controlled isothermal band heater maintains the temperature between 30 and 80°C (+/-1°C) and is programmed to compensate for heating effects due to movement, ensuring proper sample temperature during the test.

Safety systems include: a cover with motorized closure to prevent possible centrifugation with the lid open. Detection of “imbalances” and protection against overheating of both the motor and the chamber.

Complies with EN61010-2-020, DIN 58970 parts 1,2 and 4, and UVV VBG 7z

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