Instruments for measuring the alcohol content in musts and its derivatives.
Evaluation based on the boiling point at different atmospheric pressures.
The boiling point decreases with the increase in alcohol content.


Digital models, with electronic board.
Designed and built to measure the alcohol content of a solution.
It directly gives the alcoholic degree value on display.
It works on the different boiling point at a given atmospheric pressure: the boiling point decreases with the increase of the alcoholic content of wines.

Technical features:
Power supply: Rechargeable battery for electronic board via microUSB
Base Frame: Chrome plated brass
Measurement range: 5-20 V/V Centesimal Degrees
Unit of measure: 0.01% V/V centesimal (Ebulliometric scale)
Repeatability: + 0.10 Centesimal Degrees
Tolerance: + 0.10 Centesimal Degrees
ALCOHOL% determination: about 6 min

Accessories and spares for ebulliometers

for Malligand and Salleron


ALCOFAST electroebulliometer is an automatic device, designed and manufactured to determine alcoholic concentration in wines, musts and its derivatives.
The main frame is made in epoxy painted laminate; the front one is made of glossy stainless steel.
The boiling chamber is Duran glass so that user can inspect sample conditions at any time.
The working process is fully automatic: once START is activated, instrument will automatically boil sample and directly detect value of the VOLUME ALCOHOLOMETRIC TITLE (V/V%) on the LCD display.
Compared to manual ebulliometric systems, ALCOFAST is equipped with a microprocessor, automatically compensating the barometric pressure and storing & displaying boiling temperature, only when this one is stable for (x) time. At the end of the analysis, the instrument automatically deactivates the boiler heating resistance and stops the cooling water in the cooling unit. Sample loading and unloading is manual.
To operate, the instrument only needs cooling water and a power outlet.

Accessories and spares for Alcofast