Instruments for the determination of free and total SO2

Solfotech S3, official EEC extractor

Instrument having 3 independent places for the extraction of Free and Total SO2 according to OIV MA – AS323 – 04A & OIV-MA-AS323-05 MOSTI

It is made of:

  • 3 boilers with automatic drain through a PTFE tap
  • glass frame with condenser, designed to exactly meet the requirements of OIV norms
  • sectioned bubbler to allow the instrument to be perfectly sanitized

The extraction air is automatically blown into the sample through the 3 independent flow pumps; the flow is adjusted and controled through 3 panel flowmeters.

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Solfotech S, official EEC extractor

Automatic instrument for detection of sulphur dioxide in musts, wines and its derivatives. It has been designed according to the norm on EEC OFFICIAL METHODS OF ANALYSIS IN WINE: “OIV – MA – AS323 – 04A” WINE & ITS DERIVATIVES & “OIV – MA – AS323 – 05” MUSTS.
It is made of a boiler with automatic drain through a PTFE tap, and a glass frame designed to meet exactly the requirements of EEC legislation.

Accessories and spares

for Solfotech and other SO2 detection devices

Ripper methods

Manual titration of free and total SO2 through Ripper method