Materials Analysis

Viscometers and rheometers with a wide choice of rotors and temperature control units. Texture analyzer for texture characterization in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.
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Instrumentation for surface tension measurement of liquids and for contact angle/surface free energy measurements of solids. Adhesion and peel tests.
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Planetary mixer with degassing application. Powerful mixer capable of mixing viscous and solids samples together and in short time. The concurrent motions of revolution and rotation allows for powerful mixing and degassing processes.
Mixing and dispersions of materials with different specific weight. The mixing does not cause heating nor the rupture of the sample structure.
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GenoGrinder: powerful homogenizer with vertical clamp movement, excellent for quencher preparation, DNA/RNA, protein and pesticide extraction.
Mixer mill: excellent for grinding of solid and “difficult” samples such as rocks, slag, metals and animal tissues.
Perlatrice Katanax: ideal for XRF sample preparation.
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Portable, battery-powered viscometers easy to use, for quick viscosity measurements.
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Battery-powered and tabletop easy-to-use viscometers with different measuring systems.
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