• Manual Grapes-press, with PP beaker with handle
  • Trinocular microscope model B6PT-ICS: infinite optics, planar objectives 4x-10x-40x-100x, magnifications 40-1000x
  • Planar positive phase contrast device for B6PT-ICS, for yeasts and bacteria.
  • Objectives 10x-20x-40x-100x Epifluorescence device for B6PT-ICS, HBO 100 W with filters

WinFit, Filterability index unit

WinFit calculates the filterability index and the modified filterability index in a liquid, by measuring the progressive clogging
over time of a standard filter septum. WinFit simulates the condition in which the liquid flows through a filtering membrane
at controlled pressure, measuring its flow and determining the filterability index and the modified filterability index according
to the standard formulas.
The device consists of:

  • Touch-screen panel with integrated PLC to completely manage the device
  • Speed controlled pressurization pump
  • Adjustable overflow safety valve to protect the pump
  • “Floater” suction pipe with bottom non-return valve
  • Flowmeter with volumetric pulse launch, currently thermal dissipation type.
  • Pressure transmitter with analog signal
  • Temperature transmitter with analog signal

Standard equipment:

  • 1.2 lt graduated cylinder
  • Desk power supply 230 Vac/24 Vdc
  • Trolley with internal padding
  • Kit with 10 standard filter membrane, 0,45 μm diam.33 mm, with Luer-Lock connection
  • Instruction manual