Magnetic stirrers


An ultra-flat magnetic induction stirrer without heating for applications in biology and biochemistry.
Modern magnetic coil technology consists only of non moving parts and thus ensures absence of usury. No heating of the probes. For a better mixing of the sample it is possible to change the direction of rotation every 30 seconds. 3 years warranty.
100% inductive motor without wear and maintenance
LED display for precise regulation of the rotation speed
Rotation speed digitally adjusted
Modifying agitation direction
High protection class IP 65
Surface in stainless steel
Delivery includes: magnetic stirrer, power cord, adapters for UK and USA


Economical magnetic stirrer with all functions and features essential for operation. A display a LED controls all parameters, an integrated temperature control and a closed design (IP42) are all features present. The included PT-1000 sensor ensures exact temperature control. A support rod with a support for sensor is supplied with the instrument. The integrated HOT (hot) signal warns the user when the hot plate is hot, even if the instrument is off. 3 years warranty.
LED display to adjust the exact rotation speed and temperature Digital control of rotation speed and temperature
“HOT” warning signal, even when the instrument is switched off
PT-1000 sensor included
Integrated temperature control
Support rod and sensor support included
The supply includes: magnetic stirrer with PT-1000, support rod and fastening material.

Thermometers and Datalogger

Data Logger EBI 20-T1-set

Temperature Logger, evaluation software, Interface
Measuring range temperature: -30 …+70 °C
Accuracy temperature: ±0.5 °C (-20 to +40 °C); ±0.8 °C for remaining measuring range
Memory: 40.000 samples
Sensor: NTC
Operating temperature: da -30 a +70 °C
Power supply: 3 V lithium (CR 2450), can be replaced by user
IP code: IP 67

LLG-Digital pocket thermometer Type 12050

Measuring range -50 to +150°C, accuracy ± 1°C. Probe made of stainless steel, 120 x 3.5mm, with protective plastic sleeve and clip, with battery 1 x 1.5V (LR44). Overall dimensions (L x W): 75 x 20mm.


Kern technical scales

440 Series.
Compact laboratory scales. Integrated program for recipe formulation and piece counting. The high performance of these scales are ideal for routine laboratory work. Protective cover supplied as standard. Program of
integrated calibration to guarantee high precision. LCD display with 15 mm digits. Mains supply with external transformer or with 9 V battery (not supplied). The scale has an AUTO-OFF function that yes activate after 5 minutes to save the battery. Stainless steel weighing plate.
Overall dimensions: 165x230x80 mm
Weight: approx. 1 kg

Ultrasound bath

Ultrasonic Baths, SONOREX SUPER
For thorough cleaning, liquid degassing, sonochemistry.
Operates at 35 kHz and is equipped with a PZT transducer for optimal cleansing and a very deep action.
High frequency continues at maximum power.
Power supply 230 V, 50/60 Hz.
Equipped with stainless steel tank and housing and antistatic protection.
Internal dimensions (WxDxH) 190x85x60 mm.
Capacity 0.9 lt.
240 W. ultrasound capacity
Power 30 W effective
“CE” marking