Cold Flow

Tools for the determination of cold filterability, cloud point, flow point, and freezing point.

CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point)

Temperature limit of cold filterability of gas oils, biodiesel and combustible oils, according to the international test standards ASTM D6371, EN116, IP309

Point of turbidity and sliding (Cloud Point & Pour Point)

of petroleum products, biodiesel fuels, crude oils, engine oils, additives and lubricating oils, in accordance with ASTM D2500, D5771, EN 219, ISO 3015, JIS K2269, ASTM D97, D5853, D6892, EN 15, ISO 3016, JIS K2269m, Chinese GB / T3535.

Cloud & Pour Point

(art. ST93531-7)

Watch the video of the DEMO of Orbis CFPP & CLOUD & POUR POINT