Technical Support

Exacta+Optech Labcenter Spa offers, at your disposal, a qualified Technical Support Service


Certified Instrumentation
Telephonic Availability
Intervention Time
Spare Parts


1. Repairing (in-house/on the spot)

Fixing of malfunctions in our laboratories or at the customer’s location.

2. Ordinary and extraordinary Maintenance

Technical interventions in order to keep both equipment’s functioning and performance efficient.

3. Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance plans scheduled with an annual, biannual frequency etc., according to the customer needs.

4. Tuning and Calibration

Performance (correct functioning) examination and potential adjustments of the instrumentation with certified and traceable standards.

5. IQ/OQ/PQ Validation

6. Certifications

Metrological validation through selected centers.

7. Global Service

Maintenance and tuning of several instrumentation brands.

8. Instrumentation Relocation

Instrumentation transfer to a new location.

9. On-site & In-site Services

Our activities can be carried out both in our laboratories and at the customer’s location.

10. Installation and Test

Instrumentation start-up and verification of the different operations.

11. Remote Assistance

Solution of small malfunctions and telephonic guidance for a correct use.

12. Survey on Site

Writing of a quote based upon a check on the spot.