Optech portable refractometers

Simple and precise instruments to analyse liquids and their dissolved solid content.
Except for two models, all Optech portable refractometers are equipped with an automatic temperature
compensation device (ATC).
Supplied in plastic box with imitation-leather case and instruction manual.

RA-130 measures the refraction index (RI) and related values

(nD, Brix and three different conversion tables for sucrose and isomerized sugar HFCS42, HFCS55).
Three tables of planned concentration are available, such as 10 temperature coefficients freely
definable and storable by the user for automatic compensation.
The measure can be carried out by immersing the cell in the sample or placing a drop of sample on the prism.

Other features:

  • Calibration with distilled water
  • Data memory: for 1100 results
  • Data transfer to PC via IR port
  • Power supply: 2×1,5 V batteries

Portable brix-meter BX-1

  • Compact, reliable and waterproof instrument
  • Possibility to use it both with right and left hand
  • The wide measuring range allows to measure all types of food (drinks, wine and musts, fruit, etc …)
  • Direct calibration with distilled water
  • Energy-saving batteries can run for over 30.000 measurements

Other features:

  • Temperature: 10-75°C
  • HR: less than 85%
  • Power supply: 2 batteries (about 30.000 measurements)
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Standard equipment: 2 batteries, instruction manual