Viscometers and rheometers

With a wide choice of rotors and temperature control units. [...]

Accident Prevention / Safety

A complete range of accident prevention and safety articles.

  • For Eye Protection, Protective Eyewear, Spectacles, Accessories and Visors;
  • Respiratory Protection: Masks, Semi-masks, Full Face Masks;
  • Ear Protection With Earplugs
  • Vinyl Gloves, Latex, Nitrile, Anti Cut and Anti-Hitting
  • Skin Protection
  • Protective Clothing: Overalls, Shoes, Jackets, Suits, Hats ...
  • Hazard Identification Using Signs
  • First Aid With Bottles And Stazioe Eye Washers, Showers, Plasters And Bandages
  • Waste Accessories
  • Safety Containers
  • Transport
  • Furnishings

The brands and companies we work with.