Optech Spectrophotometric Cuvettes. Made with the thermal fusion technique, to obtain cells resistant to solvents.
Available (with stopper or lid) in Standard, Semi-Micro, Micro, Macro, Fluorimetry and Self-masking types.

Industrial fume hoods: for toxic substances handling. Molecular filtration hoods.
Technical furnitures for chemical, biological and industrial laboratory.
Benches and Total extraction fume cabinets for laboratories.

The experts in thermostatics. Heating / Drying ovens. Incubators. Climate chambers. Oil baths. Water baths.

Safety Cabinets for Inflammable, Gas Bombs,
Chemicals, Pesticides and Phytosanitary Products.

LLLG-Labware – certified quality at low prices

Syringe filters, qualitative / quantitative filter paper, thimble and microfiltration membranes, and special papers for blotting chromatography and electrophoresis.