Automatic particle counter for light and medium distillates, bio fuels and aviation




The SETA AVCOUNT 2 PARTICLE COUNTER is a fully automatic particulate analyzer with laser technology for the control and maintenance of fuel quality in the distribution network.

The Silk Avcount2 Particle Counter is the only instrument in accordance with the IP565 method and it has been accepted as a quick and accurate system for the determination of the particulate in the Jet Fuels according to the military specifications DEF STAN 91-91.

In compliance with methods: ISO 4406 (1999 & 1991), Gost 17216, NAS 1638, SASA 4059A, SAA 6D, SAA 749D, GABB 5930, GABB 420-1987, GABZ 420A-1996, GABZ 420B-2006

The samples can be: JET A1, biofuel blends, heating oils, gas oil, diesel (automotive & marine), hydraulic fluids …

The Avcount2 is a portable and robust instrument designed for both laboratory and in-field use, to test particulate concentration contained in the sample in a range from 4 μm to 100 μm.

The results are shown in real time on the LCD screen and printed out as the test proceeds.

The data are shown in particles/ml and ISO code.

Key Advantages:

  • One button for a complete and automatic analysis
  • Minimum sample quantity: 120 ml
  • Quick test in 3 minutes
  • Automatic calculation of the results average
  • ISO Reporting: report of all 6 ISO codes, as per DEF STAN
  • Size Channels ASTM: can show particulate up to 70 μm (4, 6, 14, 21, 25, 30, 38 and 70)
  • Data storage for more than 2000 measurements
  • Accurate and reliable results
  • Suitable for both laboratory and in-field use
  • Calibrated according to ISO 11171
  • Integrated printer with thermal paper

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