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Enzymatic ANALYZER Mod. Gallardo

The evolution of enzymatic analysis.
Extreme simplicity of use: thanks to the use of pre-made and ready-to-use Reattivi Liquidi Stabili (SRL), no reagent preparation steps are planned; all analyzes in one click.
In addition to all the classic enzymatic analyzes, it also measures alcohol.
Touch screen keyboard.
Analysis that can be performed with the tool:
Acetic acid Citric acid Gluconic acid D-lactic acid L-lactic acid Malic acid L-ascorbic acid Succinic acid
Tartaric acid Acetaldehyde Anthocyanins G lucosio / fructose Nitrates
Sucrose / glucose Sulfites SO2 Color test 420/520 Color test 420/520/620 Potassium Copper
and also Total Acidity Alcohol


    • Display: 320×240 (1/4 of VGA)
    • Number of programmable tests: 1000 Test
    • External interface PS2 RS232
    • Light source: 12V 20W halogen
    • Silicon Detector: 340 nm-620 nm
    • Peltier cell temperature control
    • 24-character graphics printer
    • Power supply: 110/220 AC 50-60 Hz
    • Dimensions: 42 L x 38 W x 25 H cm / Weight: 11 Kg

Description Pz./Cf. Code
GALLARDO, enzymatic analyser 1 A11377