Determination of dissolved oxygen


Analysis of dissolved oxygen with high precision and ossigeno-discioltoease of use.
This analyzer requires only one calibration every 4 years. The robust LDO diode and optimized software extend notably the operational life of the instrument. LDO technology eliminates the use of traditional membranes and electrolytes and in practice eliminates the maintenance required for electrochemical sensors. The precision of the results and the quick times of response are possible thanks to optimized electronic technologies, a sampling path reduced to a minimum and extremely fast temperature measurements.
ORBISPHERE 3100 is able to perform measurements in less than a minute and integrates all the components into one steel case with IP66 protection.
ORBISPHERE 3100 is intuitive and easy to use:
Large color display, fast and resistant optical keyboard, visual flow control with the possibility of adjustment and lock, storage up to 5700 with direct transfer to the PC via USB key.

Response time: (90%, t90) <15 seconds
Accuracy: ± 0.8 ppb or ± 2%
Range: 0-2000 ppb
Detection limit: 0.6 ppb
Unit of measurement: ppb, ppm, wt%, mg / l, O2%, mbar and others
Sample temperature range: -5 to 45 ° C
Sample pressure range: 0-10 bar abs
Case: Stainless steel with polycarbonate sides
Degree of protection: IP66
Display: 72 × 54 mm color TFT
Weight: <3.5 kg
Dimensions: (L × P × A) 200 × 170 × 190 mm
Contains power cord, 3 meters of inlet tubing and sample outlets, tool kit and sample filter.