Research Lab applications

Optech microscopes – Asbestos Applications

Specific products for counting and identifying asbestos fibers.
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Biostar BM 60 As Biological microscope for routine and accurate laboratory analysis. Configuration for counting and analysis of MOCF asbestos (MOLP).
Serie SZ-N Stereomicroscopes with optical system according to Greenough
Serie BM 65 Pol Polarizing Microscopes for laboratory routines.

Biostar BM 80

Biological microscope for research and for accurate laboratory analysis.
High resolution lenses and optical brightness.
External newsstand with halogen lamp 24V / 100 W.
Possibility to mount:
_ Epifluorescence device with 100W HBO lamp
_ motorization systems with mechanical module for connection to the focusing unit including motorization
Also available in the “Discussion bridges” version (right photo): with opposite view or for 2 – 3 – 5 observers side by side.

Biological inverted microscopes from research and laboratory routines, Biostar IB 5 series

Available in the following configurations:
_ with bright field objectives and phase contrast.
_ with bright field objectives and in contrast to modulation (MC)
_ with bright field objectives and phase contrast and epifluorescence device

Modular stereomicroscope with Galileian optical system for laboratory research and analysis.

• Magnification range in standard configuration: 8x… 64x, with optional optics: 2.4x … 256x.
• AX intermediate module for even more incisive images in photomicrography and TV.
• Stands in transmitted light with progressive variation of the image contrast.
• Stands equipped with LED lighting in incident light and transmitted light.