Turbidity and Protein Stability

TORBIDIMETER & Portable Bentocheck
The measure of turbidity allows to objectively evaluate the effect of a clarifying treatment with respect to another and thus start the fermentation of the “clean” must according to the oenologist’s criterion.
In addition to the index of clarity, it is important to determine the stability of the wine over time, ie its ability to maintain its clarity during storage in the bottle. Various prevention systems can be found on the market,
such as clarification (or glue), filtrations, decantings and others. However, all these systems have some common problems, such as the risk of overdosing and the cost of various substances, such as bentonite, silica, casein, albumin, gelatin, tannin. To assist you during these important phases, HANNA instruments has developed HI 83749, an instrument that is at the same time a precise and reliable turbidimeter and an indicator of protein stability (Bentocheck).
The Bentocheck system allows to accurately determine the protein stability of the product being processed and to evaluate the right amount of bentonite to be added to the wine to ensure quality and stability over time, thus obtaining significant economic savings, given the reduced waste of reagents. Thanks to the “Fast tracker” system it is possible to memorize the readings made at different times even on different types of wine, without having to worry about transcribing the reliefs and their location.
HI 83749 is also equipped with a backlit display for use even in low light conditions, a USB port for fast data transfer to PC, AVG (average) function that allows greater repeatability of readings, and the function GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).
Scale: from 0.00 to 9.99; from 10.0 to 99.9; from 100 to 1200 NTU
Accuracy: ± 2% of reading ± 0.05 NTU
Light source: tungsten lamp
Sensor: silicon photocells
Method: Nephelometric
Calibration: 2,3 or 4 points
Storage: 200 records
Display: 60×90 mm LCD with backlight
Interfaces: RS 232, USB
Conditions of use: from 0 to 50 ° C; up to 95% U.R.
Power supply: 4×1.5V AA alkaline battery or adapter
Dimensions and weight: 224x87x77 mm / 512 g

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