Solfotech extractor complete with glassware


estrattore-solfotechAutomatic instrument for the determination of sulfur dioxide in musts, wines and its derivatives studied in compliance with EC Regulation N ° 2.676 / 90 on OFFICIAL METHODS OF EEC ANALYSIS IN THE WINE SECTOR.
The instrument allows to determine with maximum precision and efficiency the free sulfur dioxide and the total in the times and in the ways indicated by the law.
Stopping extraction processes is completely automatic thanks to a programmable digital timer.
To operate the instrument requires only cooling water and a socket.
The regulation of the flow of the GAS takes place through a visible flow meter on the front of INOX.
– Electric heating system with heating mantle
– Block of fine automatic distillation
– Automatic cooling circuit with solenoid valve
The tool is supplied complete with:
Power cord
Hydraulic fittings
SO2 glass separator (code A11314), an integral part of the instrument
User manual