Mod. AX60

The AX60 includes a central display unit, a CO2 sensor and a CO2 alarm which can alert in case of a CO2 loss.
No calibration required (except local rules do not ask for it)
Long lasting sensor, even up to 15 years 2 Up to 4x CO2 sensors and 8x CO2 alarms can be used for each Central Display Unit
Supplied with a relay on each alarm which can be used to trigger ventilation, extraction or building management
Easy to install and maintain, by user directly
CO2 sensors (quick connection) and additional alarms are available if you have more than one entrance to the lab or
more than a hazardous area
In accordance with Exposure Limits such as EH40
The supply includes: 1x Central Display Unit with 2 relays, 1x CO2 sensor and 1x CO2 alarm, complete with universal
power supply