Filtration system: complete device for Sartorius filtration, various types of ramps, columns, cups, anodized clamps, vacuum pump, ecc…

Microbiological Media & Plates

Agar; rapid yeast/molds plates; Complete kit for Yeasts & Molds


Mini incubator LLG-uniINCU 20

The portable LLG-uniINCU 20 digital incubator is ideally suited for haematology and microbiology applications, such as the cultivation of contact plates for microbiological hygiene analysis.
Temperature range: Ambient + 5 °C to 60 °C
Accuracy: ± 0.5 °C
Temperature uniformity: ± 1.5 °C
Capacity: 20 l

Cooling incubator LLG-uniINCU 28 Cool

The LLG-uniINCU 28 Cool is a small cooling incubator with 28 litres and a temperature range of 3 °C – 45 °C.



Binocular and Trinocular microscope, with infinite optics.