Alcohol measurement on the sample as it is.alcogamma
Fully automatic system for the determination of alcohol in must wines and its derivatives.
The instrument through an NIR (Near Infrared) system provides the concentration of ethanol in less than 60 seconds and uses only 40 ml of sample.
The NIR (Near Infrared) system exploits a patented spectroscopic technique with multiple wavelengths of the infrared spectrum.
The software interface allows the user to perform the analyzes in a simple and immediate way, but at the same time it allows the instrument to perform automatic washing and calibration cycles.
– High accuracy and precision in the analysis
– Response speed (<60 seconds)
– Easy to use
– Reduced sample volume (40 ml)
– No analysis reagents

Determined Data:
– Alcohol
– Density of the sample (in the NIR + DENSITY version)
– Total dry extract (net)
– Potential alcohol content

Technical features:
Main Measure: Opto Electric
Measure Range: 0 – 18% Vol.
Accuracy: 0.1% Vol.
Reproducibility: + 0.05% Vol.
Reading time: 60 seconds
Sample Volume: 40 ml
Operating system: Windows
Power supply: 100 – 240 V
Frequency – Power: 220-240V 40/60 HZ – 30 W
Dimensions and weight: 24.5×14.5×28.5 – 7 Kg