The ALCOFAST electrobulliometer is an automatic tool designed and developed to determine the concentration alcoholic in wines, musts and its derivatives.
The bearing structure of the instrument is made of laminate treated with epoxy paint while the front part is in steel Polished stainless steel. The boiling chamber is made of Duran glass so as to allow the user to inspect in each the conditions of the sample under consideration. The work process is completely automatic: once activated it START the instrument automatically boils the sample and detects directly on the liquid crystal display the value of the VOLUME ALCOHOLIC TITLE (V / V%) of the sample in question. Compared to ebulliometric systems manual, ALCOFAST is equipped with a microprocessor capable of automatically compensating the barometric pressure and is also able to memorize and display the boiling temperature on the display only at the moment in which is constant for (x) time. At the end of the analysis the instrument automatically deactivates the resistance of heating the boiler and stops the cooling water in the cooling unit. Sample loading and unloading it’s manual. To operate the instrument requires only cooling water and a socket.

– Antacid membrane keyboard
– Liquid crystal display
– Pt100 Thermowell Stainless Steel
– Water solenoid valve
– Electronic barometric pressure detector

– Power cord
– Hydraulic fittings
– User manual

Construction in stainless steel AISI 304 of 20/10
Dimensions: 210x240x480 mm (LxPxH)
Power supply: 220/240 V 50 – 60 Hz.
Absorption: 1,5 A Max
Fuses: 2×2 A
“CE” marking
BUILT ACCORDING TO DPR 459/96 – Presidential Decree 24/5 N ° 224 – CEI 61010-1

Description Pz./Cf. Code
Alcofast 1 A11316