Honeywell – High quality chemicals

Exacta + Optech Labcenter S.p.a. is premium partner of Honeywell, the world’s leading company with the largest selection of high quality reagents and chemicals, designed and engineered to increase efficiency and productivity in your laboratory.

Among the brands produced by Honeywell, those certainly standing out are:

Hydranal™ products are reagents used for water content determination by Karl Fischer titration.
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Designed for use in a wide range of chromatographic applications: a wide range of Chromasolv™ solvents
is available.
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Ultrapure reagents for Voltammetry, solvents for trace metal specification analysis, sample preparation for analysis.
All the details about Honeywell Traceselect™

However, Honeywell is much more!


Cost reduction thanks to Honeywell Europe policy for Returnable Containers: less storage, handling and disposal costs.
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Honeywell Fluka™ analytical standards offer a complete and ever-growing list of high-quality organic and inorganic reference chemicals, produced in accordance with ISO 9001 normative and suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.
Every standard is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis which gives the right to a free-of-charge specialized technical support, allowing to obtain the necessary information to quickly start the analysis and pass the related audit.
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Solvents, reagents & standards.
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High purity reagents for sample preparation and analysis.
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